Excel is the solution

Excel enables flexible, user-friendly, custom-made solutions to be produced quickly.

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Design is vital

The best decisions are made using
clear tables and neat charts.

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A user-friendly interface is essential

User-friendly tools are quickly adopted.

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Strategic and Financial Planning
Real Estate Cash-Flow Forecasts
Team-specific Tool
Data consolidation, analysis and visualisation
Office 365 Applications
Audit and optimization


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Testimony of Etienne Dufrenois

Sales support director at Compass Group
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Testimony of Emmanuelle de Bayser

Middle and Back office manager in the EDF financial markets trading room
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Testimony of Michel Léon

Sourcing manager at Sanofi
Some clients


Philippe Chazalon
CEO & Founder
Antoine Vettes
Maria Makarova
Project Leader
Corentin Bedetti
Financial Modeling Consultant
Charlie Roquin
Financial Modeling Consultant
Michael Andouche
Financial Modeling Consultant
Léa Bantegnie
Financial modeling consultant
Clément Galvain
Project leader


10 k€

A one-week project with a consultant

Standard projects: audit of an Excel model, consolidation of multiple files, design and automation of a dashboard.
50 k€

A three-week project with a consultant and a project leader

Standard projects: valuation models, reporting tools for a business unit.
150 k€

A six-week project with a consultant, a project leader and a partner

Standard projects: design a strategic plan for a top tier international company.


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